Have you noticed that there’s something just not quite right with your pet’s health? Are you worried about what is going on internally with your pet?

It can be a worrying time for pet parents if they notice that their pet is showing signs of illness. Your pet dog or cat can’t tell you something is up or show you where it hurts. This means that pet owners need to be aware of signs that there is something up with their pet’s health.

Of course, taking your pet for a yearly checkup at your local vets is a good way to catch any illness or disease in its early stages.

What are the signs that something is going on internally with your pet?

Signs That Your Pet May Be Ill

Here are some of the signs to look for if your pet is showing signs of illness.

  • Bad breath or excessive drooling
  • Become lethargic or losing interest in playing
  • Change in urination or bowel habits
  • Excessive drinking
  • Sleeping more than normal
  • Labored breathing
  • Cloudy eyes

If you notice any of these symptoms in your furry friend, make an appointment at your local vets as soon as possible.

Preventative Screening

If you tell your vet about any of the symptoms above, they will run various diagnostic tests to discover what is going on.

However, it’s also important to take your pet for a checkup once a year. As your pet gets older, there is a greater risk of developing chronic disease and illness. Your vet will take blood tests and carry out a physical examination of your pet as well as making sure that all vaccinations are up to date.

This will give your vet a chance to compare previous results and make the best recommendations on how to treat any health issue that your pet has.