Looking after your pet’s teeth is essential to help them enjoy the best quality of life. Good dental care helps prevent fractured teeth, gingivitis, and gum disease in cats and dogs. Looking after your pet’s teeth involves regular brushing and annual checkups at your local veterinary clinic.

What are the best tips and tricks to care for your pet’s dental health?

1. Be aware of the signs of gum disease

First, you should be aware of the first signs of gum disease. These are foul pet breath, bleeding gums, or loose teeth.

2. Buy tooth-friendly treats

There are a number of treats that your pet dog or cat can chew on that help to remove plaque and prevent gum disease. Your local vet can advise on the best type of dental treats for your pet.

The Journal of Veterinary and Dentistry published a study showing that adding dental chews to your pet’s diet can reduce the amount of dental plaque and improve malodor from the mouth. (1)

3. Learn how to brush your pet’s teeth

Brushing your pet’s teeth is a great way to help prevent many dental problems like bleeding gums. There are some great types of pet toothpaste that are specially designed for dogs and cats. You can also buy specially-designed pet toothbrushes or wrap a piece of gauze around a finger to apply the toothpaste.

Start by letting your pet get used to the taste of the toothpaste. Then gradually help your pet get used to the brushing technique. With some practice, you can get your pet to enjoy the teeth brushing sessions.

4. Annual checkup to check for dental problems

It is also important to arrange for a checkup once a year to check for cavities, plaque buildup, or loose teeth. Your vet will remove any plaque or loose teeth and check for signs of more serious dental problems. This is a great way to prevent complications of gum disease that could affect your pet’s overall health.