Dogs, just like humans, have to sneeze occasionally. However, if your dog is sneezing constantly it could be a sign that something is just not quite right. Before you take your dog to the vets for a checkup, there are some ways to find out why is your dog sneezing.

Common Reasons for your Dog Sneezing

Sneezing is an involuntary response to irritation in your dog’s nose. If your dog only sneezes once in a while, then there is usually nothing to worry about. Continual sneezing isn’t normal for dogs and can be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Allergic reaction. Substances like pollen, dust, perfumes, mold spores, and cleaning products can all cause allergic reactions in your dog.
  • Infections. The sneezing could be as a result of an infection that irritates your pet’s nasal passages. Your dog could have caught dog flu, be suffering from kennel cough, or the serious condition, canine distemper.
  • Foreign object. While your dog was sniffing around in the grass, he or she could have got something stuck in their nose. Or there could be a parasite or bee sting that is causing the irritation.
  • Tumor. On rare occasions, your dog could have a tumor growing in the nose that is causing the constant sneezing.

How to Find out Why is Your Dog Sneezing

With a bit of detective work, you could try to find out what is causing the sneezing. For example, have you been outside walking in long grass with your dog?

It’s important to have a careful look at your pet’s nose. Do you see signs of swelling or inflammation? Is there any discolored discharge from the nostrils that could indicate an infection? Use a flashlight to try and see if there is any blockage in the nasal passages.

Repeated sneezing can result in bleeding from the nostrils.

If your dog continues sneezing and you can’t see any visible signs for this, then it’s best to visit your local vet clinic for a checkup.