Finding friends for your pet dog is a great way to improve your pet’s social skills. You will find that in the process you will also meet new friends and maybe even forge lasting friendships. Depending on the temperament of your pet, finding friends for Fido may be a challenge.

Here are the top 4 tips to help your dog find new friends

Start early

As soon as your puppy has had all vaccinations done, it’s time start socializing your pup. Some ways to do this is to attend some puppy parties that allow puppies to interact with other pups. Around about this time, you should also think about dog training classes. Contact your local vet to get advice on what is available in your local area.

Finding friends with daily walks

Daily walks are essential to finding new friends for your pet dog. This can help to introduce your pet to a variety of dogs and people, as well as get used to strange sounds. However, to make a lot of new friends for your pet pooch and yourself, mix things up. So, go for walk at different times of the day and take different routes.

Use treats

Treats are a great way to reward dogs for good behavior and it can help your dog interact better with new friends. Any time your pet dog has a good interaction with another dog, give a treat. Be careful not to reward any behavior where your dog is scared of others or aggressive.

Exercise care

It’s also important to know your dog well and avoid forcing your pet pooch into situations where they feel scared. Warning signs that your dog is anxious can be a stiff body, raised hackles, or staring. When dogs are relaxed when they meet each other, they usually circle each other and their body language will be relaxed.