While everyone spending most of their time separate from others, there is one benefit that we are getting to see a lot more dogs out and about for walks!  This is good for everyone’s physical and emotional health, including your dogs (who are wondering why you are all in their home all day)!  I thought some information on what to expect while you are out and about was needed (and a lot less heavy than previous updates).

Your Pets ongoing health

  • Since this situation with COVID-19 is likely to last for months not weeks, it is important to note that other infectious and acquired diseases are NOT taking a break and the increased exercise does increase exposure to the other pets in the neighborhood. Please keep your pets up to date on vaccinations.
  • Allergy season is among us and many pets are experiencing increases in symptoms
    • Eye discharge
    • Scratching
    • Ear infections
    • Paw licking
    • Rolling in the grass

If your pets paw licking is causing brown staining, keeping you or the pet up at night, or on a scale of 1-10 symptoms are greater than a 3-4 we should discuss options for relief.  The same goes for infected, itchy ears or hot spots on the skin with hair loss.

  • Heartworm awareness month – each year we spend April to promote awareness of heartworm disease in pets. It is transmitted by mosquitos and was generally more of a concern in the Southern states, making its way, like other mosquito born illness (West Nile, Zika) across the country each year.  Unfortunately, we have not only our general mosquito population but now a ‘dry mosquito’ that is responsible for transmission in our area.  Annual testing and monthly prevention are recommended and you can find a lot of great information on the Heartworm society website. Most of our patients are on preventative, if yours is not feel free to bring it up so we can discuss this again.
  • Flea and Tick season is year-round. If you are out and about more, be sure to protect your fluffy one from the ticks and the diseases they transmit!  We started seeing ticks as early as January this year!  To help keep our pets protected while they are out on these great walks, we are going to curbside delivery of your oral Flea and Tick prevention Nexgard-buy 6 get 2 FREE. Please mention this email when you call, and we will get a toy to include with your pick-up (while supplies last).
  • A word about rabies: When I was in a meeting about COVID-19 the public health officer implored us veterinarians to continue rabies vaccines on all patients – there has been an increase in positives and an entire family that had to have post-exposure treatment in southern California. This is crazy to me, the talk focused on COVID-19 and yet the second next important information was for us to be on the look-out for rabies. Please DO NOT handle or pick up wildlife, particularly bats. Call animal control if you find or see wildlife that is sick or acting unusual or has died. If you have a pet that is exposed, you can report it and typically can booster after an exposure if they are current on their rabies vaccine.

Stay safe everyone, and of course THANK YOU for continuing to support for our clinic with your kind words, referrals and of course allowing us to care for your pets.  These little things add up to a lot and allow us to continue to be here for your pets when they get sick, have an emergency or need care for their chronic conditions.

If you need to book an appointment you can do so on the website request appointment or by calling us at 949-766-4449 during normal business hours.

Be well,

Dr. Jenna Cooper

Banderas Pet Hospital



While everyone spending most of their time separate from others, there is one benefit that we are getting to see a lot more dogs out and about for walks!  Keeping up with the recommended social distancing and taking care of limiting your exposure, this is good for everyone’s mental health, including your dogs!